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The researchers did not say that drinking alcohol during pregnancy

There is news that alcohol during pregnancy “may be acceptable.” Obviously, in light of a new study.

There is only one problem: research has indeed not said it. Rather, he drew attention to the small amount of data on the impacts of alcohol consumption in the during pregnancy.

The research paper, led by the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, was distributed in the BMJ Open. In search of information on the subject, specialists have discovered only 24 weights. Although not able to draw full conclusions, the review noted that the effects of drinking a little alcohol in the middle of pregnancy “are rare.” It was obviously enough for some retail stores to continue to function with the peculiarity of drinking during pregnancy.

It is significantly stranger since the exact next sentence of the prescribed test not to drink as the best strategy.

“As there was confirmation that even light use of alcohol before birth is related to SGA and premature transport, management could lead abstention as a prudent rule, but it should clarify the shortage of evidence .”

We realize that excessive consumption can be incredibly destructive for an unborn baby. As Popular Science argues, the current issue is that “we do not know where the line is.” Anyway, we can not give the pregnant mother a liqueur to discover, now, the lack of accessible information.

“This scientific paper was not involved for you – it was a call to analysts that this is something that needs to be further explored,” Gizmodo said.

Abstention is clearly the safest course. However, many people drink during pregnancy. A test revealed that more than 10% of pregnant women in the United States drink, with 33% voracious drink (four or more drinks in one event). In the United Kingdom, the number is 40 percent.

The discovery of the impacts of alcohol consumption on an unborn baby would be beneficial so that we can provide solid information on the subject. The NHS in the UK said that “the safest approach is not to drink at all while you wait,” because the jury is still out.

On these issues, it is better to rely medical advice, unlike daily newspapers. The effects of alcohol on an unborn child may be very different from what we thought, but they could also be more regrettable. For a human being who should choose between limited options, it is probably best to leave the drink in the middle of pregnancy to the point that we know the most.

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