Could eating an excess of making your stomach burst?

Somebody at your Thanksgiving table will probably say some form of this tomorrow after you’ve all stuffed your countenances with turkey, pureed potatoes, sweet potatoes and the rest. However, what amount would you need to eat all together for your stomach to really blast? Is that even conceivable?


“Interestingly enough, you can rupture your stomach if you eat too much,” says Dr. Rachel Vreeman, co-author of “Don’t Cross Your Eyes … They’ll Get Stuck That Way!” and assistant professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine. “It is possible, but it’s very, very rare.”


A handful of reports throughout the years document the tales of people who literally ate themselves to death, or possibly came hazardously close: Japanese specialists wrote in a 2003 case report that they trusted it was a 49-year-old man’s “excessive over-eating” that created his stomach to break, executing him. What’s more, this 1991 case report portrays a comparative “spontaneous rupture” in a grown-up’s stomach “after overindulgence in food and drink.”


Normally, your stomach can hold about one or one-and-a-half liters, Vreeman says – this is the point you may reach in the event that you try too hard tomorrow, when you feel full to the point of queasiness. Pathologists’ reports appear to propose the stomach can do OK taking care of up to around three liters, however most instances of break appear to happen when a man has endeavored to stuff their stomach with around five liters of sustenance or liquid.


It takes a specific amount of misguided assurance to manage to override your natural gag reflex and proceed to eat, which is the reason, of course, reports of ruptured stomachs caused by overeating are most in individuals with some kind of cluttered eating, or constrained mental limit, Vreeman says.


“They have unusual eating habits to an extent that their bodies’ reflexes no longer respond as they normally do,” Vreeman explains. “Their bodies’ reflexes have been ignored or abused for so long that they no longer vomit at the appropriate time. And then once the stomach gets to this extremely distended point, the stomach muscles are too stretched out to be strong enough to vomit the food out.”


Speaking of strong stomachs, you’d best have one with a specific end goal to peruse this next passage. If vomiting isn’t happening, all that food and fluid still has to go somewhere. The expanding volume of stuff in the gut puts weight on the stomach’s dividers, to such an extent that the tissue debilitates and tears, sending the stomach substance into the body and bringing on contamination and agony, Vreeman says. Surgical mediation is important to repair a cracked stomach and spare the patient’s life.


In particular, she says, anorexics or bulimics might be at hazard. Truth be told, Cedars-Sinai, the non-benefit doctor’s facility in Los Angeles, really records this as an “indication” of bulimia: “In rare cases, a person may eat so much during a binge that the stomach bursts or the esophagus tears. This can be life-threatening.”


Other reported instances of unconstrained stomach crack happen in people with Prader-Willi disorder, an inherent infection that is portrayed by, in addition to other things, a sort of scattered eating: an “intense craving for food,” bringing about “uncontrollable weight gain and morbid obesity.” as per the National Institutes of Health. In a recent report inspecting the passings of 152 people with the condition, 3 percent of those passings were the aftereffect of gastric rupture and necrosis.


The takeaway here: This truly happens, now and then! Additionally: This is most likely not going to happen to you.


“Even if you’re starting to feel a bit sick or tired and overwhelmed from eating so much at Thanksgiving, you’re still far, far away from the scenario where you’re going to make your stomach explode,” Vreeman assures.

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