12-Minute Resistance Band Workout by Courtney Paul

It doesn’t take a large number of apparatuses to get a healthy workout. Something as clear as a single resistance band is sufficient to work your muscles to the point of weakness.

Resistance bands and cords are especially great for training because they’re portable. Toting dumbbells is a conspicuous no-go, yet tossing an elastic resistance band in your pack is basic—and the activities you can utilize it for are flexible. From barre moves that extend the lower body to curls that objective the arms, resistance groups can be employed for an action and muscle group.

In case you’re a cardio addict who’s wary about attempting resistance preparing, know this: Science shows that strength exercises help to maintain muscle mass (which decreases with age) furthermore work to rev the muscle to fat quotients’ smoldering framework. So in case you’re attempting to lose a couple of lbs., have a go at lifting.


In this video, CPX organizer Courtney Paul exhibits how you can reinforce your biceps, triceps, and shoulders utilizing only a resistance string. Take after along as Courtney demonstrates to you industry standards to use the instrument for twists, squeezes, overhead extensions.

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