This Will Help You To Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

In winters, many of us may take sunglasses as a stylish accessory but in summer, this accessory turned as a necessity. As summer is at its peak so don’t forget to take your shades with you because hot weather can harm your eyes and it can cause many eye health related issues.  As we all know that our face shape determines what style of sunglasses compliments us most to help you here we have some recommendations for your face type.



To offset your round features with the geometric shaped sunglasses. Rectangular frames will lengthen your face, as cat eyes sharpen your soft features. Let our favorite Selena Gomez in a pair of the square aviators be your guide


Contradictory of gals with the round faces, you ought to offset your sharper features with curvier glasses. Celebrity Olivia Wilde is a big example of a lady who knows her face shape, wearing contemporary cat eyes with the rounded edges that curve downward.

Styles that work: Butterfly, Aviators,  cat eye



Oval-shaped faces people are very lucky as they have the more wiggle room while choosing their shades. So you can choose from rectangular, Circular, oversized, round shapes.


If you are a broad brow lady with a narrow chin like Kylie Jenner, try a style with the bottom-heavy frames. Shapes that are analogous and extend past the width of your face balance your strong jawline. Aviators are also an additional great option as the silhouette contrasts your attractive heart-shaped face.



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Jackie Anderson

Jackie Anderson

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