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How Music Lead You To Have More Sex

There is no denying that music effects on our mood. If you are having a total downer day but still there some of your favorite songs that each time can make you happy. Everyone has his own choice in music some like hip hop and fast music and some of you may like slow and sad songs. Sometimes you make your mood listen to any special type of music, and sometimes music takes the charge of your mood and music make your mind do something. Like listing sexy can definitely make you sexy.

From getting you in the mood to altering how your distinguish romantic interests, listening to music can make some crazy effects on your love live.

Music = Pleasure = Sex:

The professor of neurology and neurosurgery at Montreal Neurological Institute Robert Zatorre,  found that our brain releases dopamine, the feel happy hormone when we are listening to music. And sex also activates the release of dopamine.

Music Makes you More Picky When It Comes To Love Interests:

According to the study done by Dr. Francesa Dillman Carpentier, a University of the North Carolina professor, music with the sexually suggestive lyrics can play a role in how you perceive romantic interests.

Music Makes You Easier To Approach:

The French researchers conduct an experiment using 18 to 20-year-old girls. Divided into two groups, one group was exposed to music with the romantic tones, while the other to more impartial ones. Later,  the guys who were working the experiment asked girls from both groups for their numbers. Ana they were found that the girls who were exposed to romantic music were more likely to give out their number as opposed to the girls who weren’t.

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Rebecca Cooper

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