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10 Ways Men Say “I Love You” Silently

We mostly go with words, but it’s not always right because love and care have their own language. If you always have this complaint that your man not often say you “I love You” there is nothing to get angry if he shows his love in some other signs that mentioned below.  

1.Smiles after a kiss:

Don’t forget to see your guy’s face after giving you a kiss. Because a sweet smile that comes on his lips right after the kiss is nothing except saying I love you.

2.Long, meaningful kisses:

An unusual and extra long or a full of love kiss is also shows his love for you.

3.He sits or stands close to you:

Just because he doesn’t want to live away from you, he tries to sit or stand near to you just because he want to feel you.

4.He actually listens to you:

When you say something he give attention and not just acting to hear you but he actually listens to you.

5.Squeezes your hand:

While holding your hand the time he grabs your hand it means he is trying to say I love you.

6.He remembers details:

If your guy remembers all the things that you was told in the past, it’s very good signs as it shows that he was listening to you carefully.

7.He’s on top of the money:

When it comes to paying restaurant bills, he takes this as his responsibility.

8.He takes care of himself:

When he come to meet you, he pays attention towards his appearance.

9.Texting you just because:

The time when he text you without any reason, it’s a silent sign off saying I love you.

10.He makes strong eye contact:

If your man makes a strong eye contact with you, it also equals to saying I love you.

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