15 Photos That Prove That Emerald Hair Look Extremely Awesome

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If during this spring you’ve been testing out rainbow hair trends, you know that there are some colors seem much easier to wear than the others. Denim strands and a rise gold curls always look fashionable, but asking for the green locks at the salon can be perilous. But if your colorist gets it erroneous, you could look like you are playing a Joker in the imminent Suicide Squad movie. But if she’s triumphant, you’ll look edgy, confident, and just plain magnificent.

The input to looking splendid and not macabre is asking your inventory for emerald hair. She should merge the verdant hues with a black additive like Pravana Chroma Silk Vivids Black, which will convert the dye into the smoky shade. This will make your green color modish rather than Swamp Thing.

Still feeling nervous? Try the tendency using the ombré method. That way, if you can’t situate the way the ends of your strands look although we’re pretty sure you will love them! You can shear off the color. We have rounded up 15 stunning dye jobs that establish that it’s completely worth it to give green a chance.

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Daphne Williams

Daphne Williams

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