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This Product Has Designed To Mess Out Of Period Sex

In every intense sex life, the little monthly period ought to flow. Of course, it is a part of a woman’s life and, if your spouse wants to get some on the regular, they must understand that period sex is also a part of that.

But here is a company who is trying to change the nature of the period sex. Flex has intended a “disc” that a woman can wear during the sex on her period for “a mess free period sex.” It is only a one-time usable product that can be worn for up to twelve hours.

Here’s how it works:

You pop that disc up there earlier than you get freaky, and it creates a soft fence to your cervix, by provisionally stopping the flow of blood, like a kind of menstrual cup.

Flex bills on its website as being “for people who want more sex,” adding, “with Flex you can have sex every day of the month, uninterrupted, on your own terms. No explanations, no fears, no judgments—just fun.”

No doubt, Flex’s purpose are good, but this little disc pretty much reinforces the notion that period sex is sickening.

No doubt, if you tend to be the heavy bleeder and really hate the untidiness of period sex, this might be something you desire to look into. Flex is not presently for sale, but you can get a sample for a free from the company’s website.


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Jackie Anderson

Jackie Anderson

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