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What Guys Think When You Talk Dirty During Sex

When a woman says something in bed along the lines of, “What do you want me to do to you?” many men’s minds goes blank.

All men appreciate it when woman initiate the dirty talk. So please feel free to speak up during coitus.

Here is what will be going through men’s heads when women talk dirty during sex.

“Oh yes! She’s into it!” There are plenty of ways to provide feedback during sex like a woman can writhe, moan, or dig your nails into your guy. However, no signal is as easy to read as actual words.

“Is her voice really so sexy?” Your verbal chords seem to beef up during the moments of arousal. Abruptly, you sound like Jessica Rabbit or phone sex operator. Men really love it.

“Quickly think of something sexy to response!” Once you served something spicy to your partner, they are grateful to return the favor.

“This is a next-level carnal knowledge.” The dirty talks during sex keep both people at the moment, which is most likely why all those experts preach about the communication on the bed, out of bed, and all of the time. You get better idea what your spouse likes and build a deeper familiarity.

“Well, that was peculiar.” You may mean well when you propose experimenting with something way out of a box in bed, and unless you have discussed this before you might get scared. For the actually kinky stuff, you require some clean talk before the dirty talk.

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Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca Cooper

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