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4 Best Ways to Make Your Guy’s Penis Feel Bigger

The latest research shows that, whereas men can technically make their penises bigger through the process known as “traction method,” it’s not exactly rational since they’d have to put on a penile extender for about four to six hours daily for a whole of four months. Looking for the much easier option? So following one of these tips from the sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of the She Comes First, for making his penis feel more bigger (without actually having to go throughout all that legwork):

Turn Up The Heat:

“One of the things that contribute to a guy’s size is the amount of the blood that flows into the penis and how hard he is,” says Kerner. Translation: The more bowed on he is, the bigger he will feel inside of you. So relax and take your time with the foreplay.

Do Some Down-There Exercises:

By flexing the kegel muscles during the sex, you will create more resistance that means you’ll feel your man more strongly during the action. And for even more moves that will amp up your happiness.

Encourage Him to Lay Off the Solo Sex:

When a man hasn’t masturbated for two days, there’ll be a more blood flow to his penis when he stimulated again that means he’ll feel bigger than ever.

Bring a Toy Into the Bedroom:

Kerner suggests that trying something like the We-Vibe to solve your size issue on the sly. He says that “The vibrator will also be filling the vagina, so that’s going to make it easier to feel him more fully,”. Any of these fun sex toys for the couples ought to do the trick.


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