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Sings That Tell He Really Cares For You

Just like me, some people don’t like commitments. Some are deprived at communicating while others are scared to share how they feel. It’s easy to get dispirited when you’re insecure of how your partner really feels about yourself. Here are eight questions that you should ask yourself to tell if your significant other really cares about you and being with you.

1.Does he touch you?

Does he hold your hand just to feel your existence?  Hug you, hang on to you, rest his hand on you, or make a skin to skin contact often? These all are signs of love.

2.Does he talk about the future?

By talking about the future with, your spouse shows his full interest in being with you for a long time. Women in exacting are identified to jump to the conclusion and talk about their wedding and their kids just shortly after getting into a relationship.

3.Does he smile at you instinctively?

When you stare into your partner’s eyes, does he start smiling? And feel happy?

4.Does he make you feel better when you’re down?

If you’re upset or hurt by anything that happens, how does he respond? Does he yell at you, telling you to grow up? When you feel insecure, does he try to make you feel safe and secure about that situation?

5.Are you their go-to person?

When something very bad or funny happens, who does he text, call or can’t wait to call? If it’s their any best friend of his, you may have to do some work.

6.Does he care about your success?

Does he love to boast about you, and tell others what well you do? Or does he get jealous and brush the whole lot under the carpet about how great your are?

7.Does he really mean it when they ask how your day was?

It’s a simple courtesy to ask someone how their day or sleep was. But, if he essentially mean it and aren’t trying to use it as a chat starter, that’s nothing but a good sign.

8.Does he trust you?

Does he watch through your phone? Does he give his phone to you to use or does he protect it from you? Do you know his phone’s password? Does he delete messages, afraid of how you might react?

Caring is something that can not be guessed by an expensive gift or a luxury dinner these little questions are enough to show his true feeling.

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Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca Cooper

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