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Top 5 Sex Positions To Lose Weight

If you don’t have time to go to the gym for a workout, then don’t worry because your bedroom can work for you like the gym. And you can do your workout under the sheets with your partner. If you want to lose your weight through having sex, then you must know the sex positions that are recommended for weight loss.

1. Doggy Style Position:
Doggy style position while having sexual intercourse will absolutely give a great force on your quadriceps and the muscles of your buttock. Come on all your fours and visualize in this situation that you are in a situation of pushups, let your arms work downwards and upwards with each push. Your shoulders and biceps will feel smashed directly.

2. Lotus Style Position:
Lotus style position allows you to lose the weight most as well as enjoy the most as this is the position is most sweaty. To make this position you have to sit on the lap of your partner facing towards him. Your and your partner’s position should be the same. After matching the rhythm both while loving each other ten your butt, thighs and gluts will have the maximum fat burn. Continue this position and you will observe the results and will never go to a gym.

3. Cowgirl position:
Maximum practice and the best workout of women’s lower body achieved while riding a horse. Start rides your partner in the same manner as you ride a horse. Support your legs over the bed and your butt will also get the workout. Crouch on the body of your partner and try to balance upper part of your body and you will feel even more pleasure. You will sweat more in this sex position, and it will help you to burn more calories and more weight loss. It is a powerful workout for your body.

4. Erotic end position:
Your partner should sit on your couch. He should lean backward a little. Touch the floor with your hands and lie down on the guy’s thighs and make him move slowly and gently into you. You both move in round motion and with the help of the hands keep on doing the pushup. You both will take pleasure in doing this and will feel the difference.

5. Reverse GOT move:
Lay down your spouse on the floor and you sit facing towards another side on the top of your partner. You must keep the feet your both very close to increasing the friction and to add the happiness. Hold feet of your partner tightly and start moving upwards and downwards. It’s a great exercise, and both will also feel great pleasure.

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