Home Remedy To Get Relief From Toothaches

Toothaches can grounds a lot of pain. In minor pains you can do some home remedy to treat at home to get relief. Toothaches usually occur as the sensitive portion of your tooth, known as pulp gets inflamed. There can be numerous reasons for this like cavity, infection or broken tooth.

Few symptoms of Tooth Pain:
• Foul smell from tooth
• In some cases it happens just when you apply the pressure on tooth.
• This can be very sore, sharp or constant.
• Tooth area swelling
• Often Fever or even headache
How to Get Relief from Tooth Pain?

1. Hot Tea Bags:
You can use kitchen staple as home remedies to get rid of a toothaches. Some people say to apply hot tea bag on your tooth directly. Tea has tannic acidic that can reduce swelling.

2. Cough Drop:
Cough drops and lozenges also have few quantity of aesthetic that can provide some relieve from slight tooth pain. Keep 1-2 in your mouth and suck it. You can also apply some Vick’s VapoRub on outside of your cheek where the tooth hurt. After this keep paper towel on top of the pillow and just lie down on that side.

3. Clove Oil:
Clove oil is a conventional home remedy to cure tooth pain. It contains chemical known as eugenol that includes anesthetic and antibacterial properties. To lower the tooth pain, you can soak clean cotton ball with 3 drops clove oil and one forth tsp olive oil. Place this cotton into your mouth just near tooth that pains by biting it down to preserve in the place.
Note: Avoid sleeping with holding this in the mouth.

4. Flush:
Many a time’s toothache can accrue due to some foodstuff trapped in between the teeth. Therefore, flossing and rinsing with some mouthwash is wise in this case.


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Daphne Williams

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