Best Yoga Poses To Prevent Hair Fall

Hair fall is a very common problem in both men and women. Hair fall can affect your whole personality.  They people who are facing this problem always look busy to search the solutions of this problem. A balanced diet and proper hair care can help you to deal with this problem. Here are three best yoga poses that help to prevent hair loss.

How Yoga help to hair fall?

  • Yoga has proved to work for a healthy skin, healthy hair and healthy body.
  • Yoga removes stress and apprehension what are the few reasons of hair loss.
  • Yoga enhances blood circulation to the scalps that could be the major cause of hair loss.
  • Yoga allows the oxygen consumption by the head.
  • Yoga removes toxin
  • Yoga improved physical and mental health.

1. Kapalabhati/Front Lobe Cleansing Technique:

Keeping your neck, and head and back straight sit in crossed leg position. Place your both hands on your knees and relax all your muscle. Take a deep inhalation and exhale all the air contracting abdominal muscles. Do this for 15 times and try to breathe out in second. And you should try to increase the number of this practice.

2. Sarvangasana/The Shoulder Stand Pose:

Lie on your back and inhale deeply. Slowly lift your legs till your feet pint to the upper limit towards the sky. Your body should relax on the shoulders and the back of your neck. Your hand should be at the middle of your back, and they should hold your body. You should keep your legs and your spine straight.

3. Uttanasana/The Standing Forward Bend Pose:

This pose also plants well for hair growth rising the blood circulation to the scalp.

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