8 Best Tips For Home Waxing

Many women thought home waxing is a painful and hard task, so that is why they go for shaving or tweezering, but these ideas are not much effective as shaving returns you even more hard hair and it also gives you a rapidly growing hair. If you overlook the temporary pain of home waxing, then you can get smooth and hair free skin easily at home.
There are most effective tips that you must adopt while waxing at home.
Prevent ingrown hair by exfoliating and moisturizing

Always before and after waxing, frequently and softly exfoliate your skin, with either a body scrub or a body lotion.

Don’t try to wax too short or too long hair

For an ideal waxing condition, your hair should be between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch long. If hair is longer, trim them with a safety scissors earlier to make the waxing much less sore and proficient.

Use baby powder pre-wax

Later than cleansing your skin, sprinkle some baby powder to the area that about to be waxed.

Test the temperature of your wax

Always test your wax before applying directly. Apply a bit to the inside your wrist to make sure the wax is at a comfortable spreading temperature.

Apply and pull in the right direction

Apply wax in the direction of hair growth, as it allows the wax to stick on. After spreading on the wax place the cloth strip over the wax and press it downward decisively using stroke also in the similar direction as hair growth. Leave the strip for few seconds to set.

While removing the cloth strip, hold your skin tight and swiftly pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Apply pressure post wax

Instantly after removing the cloth strip, must apply pressure to the waxed area to assist relieve the wax pain and make skin less sensitive.

Wax the same area more than twice

Wax the same area more than twice can damage your skin, and it can be quite hurting. If you still have a few stray hairs after waxing twice, use tweezers to remove these hairs.

Use baby oil post-wax

A hydrating product, as baby oil can help to clean up any remaining wax on your skin, and it also moisturize your skin.


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