Lovely Ways To Tell About Your Pregnancy To Your Partner

Expecting a baby is great news for every couple, as the arrival of this cute little angle can bring a lot of happiness and consistency in their relationship. The time when a couple is expecting their first child they look so excited and they start waiting to complete these nine months of pregnancy.
As it’s big news for both partners so you should take a unique and delightful way to announce this news. Find some lovely ways to announce your pregnancy to your partner, your husband or whoever it is who will be sharing this beautiful miracle of life with you. Finding a creative way to tell your beloved that he is about to become a father this is one of the moments then you both will treasure. In honor of that milestone, here are cute ways to tell him you’re pregnant.
Surprise Him with Food:

Try to relate this news with his favorite food item as this food always reminds him of your unique way to tell him about this good news. You can make a cake or a simple cup of coffee with a lovely massage that soon you will be dad or anything other.
Propose to Him:

Now his time to get a shock, bend your knees and present him a box holding your pregnancy test. And ask him “Will you be the father of my baby?”
Old-fashioned T-shirt:

It can be a perfect way to tell this good news without telling anything to your partner. Wear a T-Shirt that has a cute line that is, are you ready to be a father?

A Present and a Romantic Dinner:

Arrange a romantic dinner for him and after having dinner tell him about this good news. That is going to face his new phase of life.
Indulge in “Baby Food.”:

Cook a dinner filled with baby food like baby potato, baby carrot, baby bok choy and baby peas. While you talking about food, over and over mention the word “baby” to make sure that he gets your Pointe.
Catch It on Video:

Ask your partner to say hello to relatives with a great smile and then, sudden tell him say “listen I wanna tell you something that I am pregnant” it will give a chance to catch his amazing reaction in camera.


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