Turn Your Normal Toast Into The Tasty One

A balance and healthy breakfast can be a first part of your better and healthy day. Eating is work for our body like an input. The quality and capacity of our output means work and all the other activities depends on the excellence of our input. We can never be healthy or look beautiful until we take healthy and balanced diet. Especially when we talk about breakfast it should be full of energy that we can utilize in our day long.

I hear many people to say that they don’t like to eat anything for few hours after they walk up in the morning. It’s very dreadful habit and you should ride of it just from today. It’s a common observation that the children who take breakfast do better in school. So never leave your breakfast as it very important for you and your health.

We are sharing tasty and healthy breakfast idea with you.


(for one person)
demerara sugar (a sprinkle)
One apple, sliced
Milk (a splash)
Two eggs
Bread (2 slices)

How to make:
Fry bread slices of eating apple in butter until it get light golden, add the sprinkle of brown sugar and heat until caramelized
Beat eggs with the splash of milk, dip these slices of bread into the egg mixture until the eggs soak in, then fry until golden and cooked
Serve topped with the apples

It’s very simple tasty and full of heath breakfast idea if you are feeling bore to having plain toast daily then I am sure that apple toast will be a good change in your routine breakfast.



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Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca Cooper

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